We are Agitate

Agitate is a payment and identity company like no other.

We are :

Setting the new standard of trust online

We combine decentralised identity, blockchain and Open Banking to deliver digital solutions fit for the 21st century.

We are
changing the future

The internet was not supposed to be like this

We believe that it is an accident of history that large financial services and technology firms dominate control of consumers’ and businesses’ data. Large quasi-monopolies now effectively dictate the terms of data transfer.

Our Story

Three global trends can give control of data back to businesses and consumers.

Mobile phones

We love technology. The miniaturisation and standardisation of computing devices is enabling brand new ways of using technology to solve everyday problems that historically would have just been either too impractical, or too expensive.


The negative impact of the growth of financial and technology businesses over the last 20 years is becoming clear. Governments around the world are responding with new laws that target legitimate concerns. From data privacy through to competition in financial services, big changes are happening.


Decentralised networks enable us to guarantee that claims we make about security and privacy are not just promises, but actually coded into our infrastructure: If we say we cannot access your data, we can’t.

Our products

Payments: Just Better

BOPP is our brand new payment network and next generation smart wallet.

Digital identity you control

INK utilises decentralised identity to offer the highest levels of privacy protection online.

Anonymous online age verification

AgePass is a simple, secure and anonymous way to verify your age online.

Beating COVID-19 together

With INK-C19 you can see, and add to the collective health status of the nation.

Who we


Ian Gass

Ian is an expert in financial services and blockchain technologies. Ian has over 20 years experience in the financial services sector (Goldman Sachs, Gordian Knot, BNY Mellon) including executive leadership (CEO) and Directorships for multiple regulated entities. For the last 5 years he has run a blockchain business with the CTO (Mark) which included building the infrastructure for AgePass. He has extensive experience in legal and regulatory matters and is an expert in regulatory structuring. His experience covers front, middle and back offices across investment banking, fund management and market infrastructure.

Mark Holt

Mark has been implementing distributed and peer-to-peer networking systems since they emerged as part of the nascent internet in the late 1980s. Since then he spent his time developing automated trading systems inside of investment banks (Morgan Stanley, UBS) and hedge funds (Blue Crest). In doing this he dealt with the issues of distributed state, consensus and network security since the pre dot com era. The emergence of the blockchain into the mainstream of current technology culture has allowed him to transfer the techniques learnt from the niche world of computerised finance into a variety of application areas.


Steve has co-founded and exited several businesses in his career, delivering millions in revenue and substantial shareholder returns during that time. He was co-founder and Sales Director of PLC which listed on the London Stock Exchange via an IPO in 1999. At the time of its sale for over $200 Million in March 2000, it had grown from inception to over 450 employees in just 20 months. In addition, Co-founder and CMO of AVSecure LLC, a main board director and CSO for ICM Registry, and has worked alongside governments, regulators and policy makers across the world. Also, he has been a Council member and key advisor to the UK Government with the Digital Policy Alliance that meets in the House of Lords in Westminster, frequently.


Alex has spent 20 years running the finance functions of commodities trading and retail organisations in the UK, Switzerland and Germany, serving in various roles as Finance Director, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (Gazprom). He has been responsible for several large scale systems implementations and integrations, developed Finance functions which serve as both controller and strategic support to their businesses, and served on various boards in organisations with ambitious growth agendas. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2000 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Law.

Bernie Raftery

Bernie has over 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry (Morgan Stanley). This included management of a global team within the technology division. For the past few years, she has helped several start up businesses; implementing new processes, installing operational functions and improving efficiencies. This covered not only operations but also finance and control. Competent in all aspects of operational management from product delivery to people management with a keen focus on data security and cyber-security.

Euros Evans
Head Of Product

Euros has a track record of embracing new technology and seeing how it can impact society for good. This started back in 1992/93 when he and his fellow roommate at University saw the potential of the Internet and created what is now regarded as one of the first property letting websites.  Since then he has developed and was awarded a patent on anti-spam technology. This work with encryption was the catalyst to his passion for decentralisation and to put the power back in the hands of the consumers.

What makes

Us Tick

We’re a company of developers, engineers, product owners and designers. We are obsessed with technology and we are on a mission to help make doing business on the internet better.
Headquartered in London, our team is spread across 8 different cities around the world. Our goal is to deliver great products and do so in a 21st century way.
Whether you are a startup or a globally leading company, please join us on our journey to make the world that little bit better.
We think the internet should facilitate relationships directly between people and organisations. It should not be the case that ‘data aggregators’ effectively get in the way and base their revenue model on accessing and selling other people's data.
We are a privacy-first organisation with security at the heart of everything we do.


Working Philosophy

We pride ourselves on diversity and openness. We know not everyone can work 9-5, and not everyone can make it into a central office. Accordingly we embrace remote working. Agitate is an international community of talented individuals, committed to our shared vision of raising the bar of trust online.
Our goal is to make great products while maintaining unconditional respect for the people that use them. We embrace differing perspectives, and seek out passionate, self-motivated people. Each of us is working towards a future that, together, we want to exist.
We are hiring! If you are self-motivated and passionate about the same things as us, we want to hear from you.


We love all feedback, ideas and suggestions.