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Our platform is designed for you.
Interact with your users your way on your terms with no interference.
What makes us different?
Technology Stack
check-iconGuaranteed transaction execution
check-iconGuaranteed attribute exchange
Decentralised Identity
check-iconGuaranteed clearing
Open Banking, E-money, etc
What makes us different?
Business Stack
Appropriate regulatory permission in each market
check-iconEcosystem Management
Diverse data contributors to network
check-iconSeamless infrastructure integration
DRM, browsers, payment rails etc
wallet-iconWallets fit for businessShop with greater ease, safety and security. Your users will be able to collect, store and use their own cash, credentials, certificates and licenses on their own device.
Embed Wallets into your technology
With our Wallet SDK, you can embed digital wallet capabilities into any web, mobile, desktop, or in-person experience.
Available for any platform, in any language
Our Wallet SDK supports the most common programming languages for easy integration into existing apps.
Driving Open Standards
Wallet holders can receive and send credentials to anyone who supports the same standards. Silos undermine the use of digital identity. We are a driving force in the open community trying to correct this.
No Lock In
Our platform and applications were designed to demonstrate the potential of what a wallet can do. We want our customers to love what we do and have complete satisfaction. If we don’t provide complete satisfaction, you can move your cash and credentials elsewhere completely risk-free.
This is the future of digital commerce
bricks-iconBuilt for
We want to empower developers with the best tools. We handle all of the technical details for you so you can spend your time serving your customers.
breaking changes
Agitate removes the complexity of low-level protocols under our API abstraction. Your technology application will not break if those protocols evolve.
check-iconSave valuable time
check-iconMonetise your workflows
check-iconAutomate your workflows
check-iconScale to millions of users
check-iconUse an SDK in the language of your choice
turnkey APIs
Our highly available, highly scalable, turnkey APIs makes business faster easier and more secure
Payments APIProgrammatically exchange, verify, and manage payments. Includes a variety of internet native assets (including fiat assets) in addition to legacy bank payment rails.
Credentials APIIssue, verify, exchange and manage third-party verifiable credentials. Read and write from any Indy-based identity network. The easy way to get started with self-sovereign identity.
Wallet APICreate local and cloud wallets for your users, organisations, or devices. Build workflows or manage wallets on their behalf for any guardianship, delegation, or custodianship scenario.
Provider APIExtend your existing product offering by providing SSI services to your customers by creating and managing hundreds of credential issuers and verifiers
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